Ready to get savvy

about medical aid with

flexiFEDSavvy from Fedhealth?

Leave your details and we’ll be in touch.

    Ready to get savvy about medical aid with flexiFEDSavvy 
    from Fedhealth?

    Leave your details and we’ll be in touch.

      Let’s face it, nowadays you NEED medical aid. But with life just getting more expensive, it’s tough to squeeze your budget that little bit harder to afford it – especially if you’re still young and just starting out in the working world.

      That’s why Wellworx, as an independent medical scheme expert, is so excited to have come across the new flexiFEDSavvy option from Fedhealth. It really is a game-changer for the young, digitally savvy generation – high-quality medical aid for less than a thousand bucks per month – a price tag that’s practically unheard of these days.

      What do you get?

      Fedhealth’s flexiFEDSavvy option gives you unlimited private hospitalisation and cover with network GPs and specialists in-hospital. This option also gives you three face-to-face GP consultations during the year, and unlimited virtual (video call) GP consultations. In addition, you get seven days of take-home medicine after a hospital stay, 30-day post-hospitalisation treatment, a chronic benefit, female contraceptives, specialised radiology and a screening benefit.

      Fedhealth’s cool way of looking at Day-to-Day

      On top of receiving a truly supercharged hospital plan with the unique benefits for which Fedhealth has become known, you can also choose one of four ways to fund day-to-day benefits… if you want them at all. This means that trips to the GP, over-the-counter medication or physiotherapy after a gym session gone wrong can also be covered without breaking the bank.

      Best of all – Fedhealth’s flexiFEDSavvy is made for the digital generation, so no call centres and you can even complete your GP visits over video call.

      It’s worth remembering that Fedhealth is the only medical aid scheme that allows members to upgrade their option during the year, not just in December.
      So… if something life-changing like a pregnancy or dread-disease should strike and you feel you need a more comprehensive option, you can upgrade when you need to.

      If you’re looking for a medical aid that breaks the mould, not your budget, Wellworx strongly recommends that you leave your details and we could get you signed up in no time. At just R965 per month for flexiFEDSavvy from Fedhealth, it’s a no-brainer.

      Download the Fedhealth flexiFEDSavvy brochure

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