5 Foods to Boost Brain Health

After years and years of chasing after your children – not to mention your career and your own dreams and ambitions – you can’t be blamed for feeling mentally fatigued. As you’ve grown older, you may have noticed that your ability to concentrate isn’t what it used to be, or that you’re concerned about warding off brain diseases down the line. Whatever your reasons, our Cape Town-based registered dietician, Amanda Weber, has some advice on what to eat to help keep your brain healthy:

1.         Oily fish

When it comes to the best brain foods out there, oily fish takes the cake every time. Get a regular dose of sardines, salmon, mackerel, pilchards and snoek, and you’ll feel the effects of a clear and alert brain. “It is the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in oily fish that is so important for the normal functioning of the brain,” explains Amanda. “DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is one of the brain’s primary structural components, and unless you eat oily fish three or more times a week, you should be taking a supplement.” DHA increases your learning capacity and motor skills.

2.         Eggs

Eggs contain protein, vitamins, minerals and choline. “Choline is a primary component of cell membranes and is highly regarded as a memory booster that also improves focus and enhances cognitive function,” says Amanda. It’s found in egg yolks so be sure to eat the whole thing, not just the whites. Eggs are also wonderfully versatile to cook: scramble, poach or boil them, or use them to make frittatas, quiches or shakshuka.

3.         Blueberries

“Small, tasty and so good for you, these little wonders are also called brain berries by many who research them,” Amanda says. Packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and gallic acid, blueberries have the unique ability to protect our brains from stress and degeneration by reducing inflammation. Make sure you dose up on blueberries every day by throwing a handful into cereals, smoothies, pancakes and healthy fruity desserts.

4.         Avos

Creamy and delicious and widely available in South Africa, avos stabilise blood glucose levels, which is essential for prolonged concentration and long-term memory. Getting a regular intake of avo will also help to prevent blood clots in your brain that could lead to a stroke.

5.         Water

“When even slight dehydration occurs, your brain function will drop significantly,” warns Amanda. “This will adversely affect your mental performance, creativity, coordination and memory.” To prevent this, drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

There are lots of other foods to keep in mind for brain health. You can never go wrong with leafy greens, walnuts are brilliant (their coincidental brain shape gives them away) and even dark chocolate, which improves blood flow to your brain and heart, should be on your list. With so many tasty options, there’s no reason to feel mentally sluggish as the years go by.


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Choosing the right medical aid is no joke, but we’ll leave you smiling.