How to Be a Confident Mom: 4 Tips

Becoming a parent means that you’re suddenly wholly responsible for another life. Not only do you need to keep those little humans fed and loved, but you also play a massive role in shaping their personalities, beliefs, dreams, strengths and experiences. As a result, the vast majority of mothers often find themselves doubting their choices, suffering from chronic ‘mom guilt’ and, ultimately, feeling overwhelmed and unconfident in their new role.  

The truth is that mother always knows best!

Below, real moms share their tips for bolstering your confidence and walking your journey through motherhood with your head held high.

  1. Listen to your intuition

It’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. There is no handbook when it comes to bringing up kids. Everyone has a unique parenting style and the only way to create yours is to listen to and trust your intuition. “Being a confident mom means letting your heart guide you and your intuition lead you. Always,” comments Jade Carter, mom of two.

  • Do your research

As with most things in life, backing up your gut feelings with research can empower you to feel more confident in the path that you’ve chosen to follow.

Katie Lee Clay, a former teacher and stay at home mom, is a firm believer in this. She suffered from post-partum depression and anxiety and often found herself doubting her approaches when they were shot down by other family members, but quickly realised that how she chose to raise her little ones was her and her partner’s decision, and theirs alone.

“Knowing that I have research and facts on my side helps me remain steadfast in my decisions. I don’t have to prove those things to anyone, because the facts speak for themselves. Now, if anyone questions me, I simply respond with “Thank you for your opinion, but we like how things are,” she says.

  • Don’t listen to criticism

Nobody knows your children quite like you do, so if you know in your heart that you’re doing what’s best for your kids, then don’t listen to any criticism from anyone who happens to dish it out.

“Nothing feels better than knowing you’re doing what’s best for your child and making them feel the love and comfort they deserve, even if it means that you catch a little criticism along the way,” comments mom and ICU nurse, Megan Ferrer.

  • You’re your child’s advocate

Nothing comes close to a mother’s relationship with her child.

“Something I’ve realised is that I know my baby’s cues and schedule better than anybody. I know when she has been handled too much and will be fussy, I know when she is getting hungry before she gets niggly. Mamas know their baby best. After all, we had a nine-month head start in getting to know them!” comments new mom, Jael Towers. “I’ve come to embrace that I am my baby’s advocate and it’s my job to keep her safe and content. That is what makes me feel confident as a mother,” she adds.

Trust your gut, do your research, don’t listen to criticism and relax in the knowledge that you have your child’s best interests at heart – you got this, mama!

Choosing the right medical aid is no joke, but we’ll leave you smiling.