Gap cover that takes
care of unexpected
medical bills

If you belong to a medical aid and need to go to hospital for a procedure, there’s often a large and expensive difference between what a specialist charges in-hospital, and what your medical scheme will cover.


With Sanlam’s gap cover products, you’re protected against having to pay these shortfalls from your own pocket
– as long as you have pre-existing medical aid cover in place.

Choose the gap cover policy that suits you:

Sanlam Gap Cover

Sanlam have two gap products; Comprehensive and Core.
Comprehensive is R248 and R433.
Core is R206 and R345.

Sanlam Gap Fedhealth NexGen

Especially created to complement Fedhealth’s flexiFEDElect and
flexiFEDSavvy options, Sanlam Gap Fedhealth NexGen starts at just R64.90 per month for individuals and R109 per month for families.

Sanlam Gap Cover is not a Medical Scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a Medical Scheme. It’s not a substitute for Medical Scheme membership.

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