5 Steps to Achieve Your Biggest Career Dream

There’s no quick route to becoming the head of a major international corporation, to winning an award for groundbreaking discoveries in your field, or to owning the most widely loved restaurant in town. It doesn’t happen easily and it doesn’t happen overnight. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. If you have big career dreams for 2024, help make them a reality by checking out these steps.

1.         Do some soul searching: what is your main drive?

Whatever your dream is, you’ve got to want it – really want it. Not because you’ve got a certain aptitude for it, or because your teachers or parents tell you to pursue it, but because it wakes you up in the middle of the night with your heart beating furiously. It’s this drive that will see you through when you inevitably come up against obstacles or hit a stage of stagnation. Keep your motivation top of mind by writing it down and placing it somewhere where you can see it every day.

2.         Set some milestones: what can you realistically achieve when?

Yes, you’ve got to dream big, but the steps that will get you there are small, incremental and consistent. Draw up a plan of attainable goals and set out to achieve them one by one, whether it’s applying for an exciting fellowship or eliminating a bug in the app you’re developing. And as you hit these milestones, don’t forget to acknowledge your achievements. Reward yourself in some small way – you’ve earned it. 

3.         Don’t get despondent: how can you make setbacks work to your advantage?

Hurdles and hiccups are going to happen. You might not get the funding you were hoping for, or your first major corporate deal could fall through. Take a step back and consider what you’ve learnt. What could you have done differently? Next time, put these lessons into practice.

4.         Shift your mindset: what limiting thoughts are holding you back?

We all experience moments of self-doubt. What’s important is that you don’t allow these thoughts to take root in your mind. Defy them by proving them wrong – achieve what your negative self-talk says you cannot. You might need the help and support of someone along the way. Find mentors, colleagues, family and friends who believe in you.

5.         Take a leap: what bold step needs to be taken next?

At some point, the small steps that have become part of your daily reality come up against major watersheds. If you’ve been writing your novel all year, you’re eventually going to have to submit it to an agent or a publisher. Take a breath, believe in yourself, and make the jump.

And remember, all the steps that you follow and the goals that you set need to be flexible – you can’t plan for every eventuality. Allow the process to evolve organically, make the most of new opportunities as they arise, and keep your eye on the prize.


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