6 Things You’ll Miss About Pregnancy Once Your Baby Arrives… and a Few That You Won’t

Whether your pregnancy is flying past, or it seems you’ll never reach that due date, remember to relish the perks of pregnancy – while you can.

If you look at pregnancy as a long road to an exciting destination, there are Bugatti times when things flash past so quickly you barely see them, and then there are horse-drawn times when it seems you’ll never reach that due date. No matter which speed you’re currently going, remember it’s a one-way track – so make sure you soak up what’s good along the way! It can be hard to pick out the positives as you lie exhausted on the floor with swollen ankles, so here’s a list to help remind you of the things you’ll miss about being pregnant:

  1. The opportunity to be a nerd

“I LOVE diving into new topics, especially when they’re so relevant”, says Jeanne Leslie, a pregnant mom in the Cape. “I can’t remember the last time I got to surround myself with reference books, marvel at biological processes, and share interesting facts with other people like “at the moment, my baby is as big as a lemon and its tiny bones are beginning to form’.”

  • The break from your monthly cycle

Experiencing and monitoring your monthly cycle keeps you in tune with your body, and when you’re not pregnant, the predictable highs and lows are valuable messages of good health. When you are pregnant though, it’s quite nice to have a break from your regular pattern and forget about periods and PMS!

  • The baby Morse code

It’s hard to prevent a smile when, bang in the middle of whatever you’re doing, you get a secret message from the resident tap dancer in your belly.

  • The universal good feeling

Fully enjoy this time in your life when even perfect strangers celebrate the wonder of what your body’s doing – relish all the smiles, take the seats you’re offered and jump as many queues as you can.

  • The health-kick

Catherine Kennedy, a Cape Town-based mother-of-two, loved how being pregnant made her prioritise her health: “The fact that I was responsible for growing a tiny human being meant I cut out alcohol and ate far more healthily than ever before. I prioritised daily gentle exercise and got loads of sleep”.

  • The introspection

With baby tucked safely away in a sound-proof uterus, there’s time for peaceful, happy day dreaming. “From what kind of mother I wanted to be, to what parts of my character I wanted to fix, to what I was really looking forward to doing with my child – I loved how pregnancy made me look inwards and forwards”, says Donna Birch, a first-time mom based in Joburg.

But before you get too emotional and fall into early nostalgia for the days of your pregnancy journey, it’s quite easy to cheer yourself up by thinking of some things you certainly won’t miss: 20 toilet breaks a day (and 20 more at night), wearing the same 12 pieces of clothing in various combinations week after week and finally, your continual status as designated driver. And if leaving those behind is not cheering enough, just know that the precious prize you receive on delivery day will completely trump all the pregnancy perks!







Choosing the right medical aid is no joke, but we’ll leave you smiling.