How to Keep Exercising When Motivation is Low

We’ve all been there: you’re on a strong exercise streak when suddenly you hit a wall. How do you get back into the swing of things after a bit of a slump?

We’ve all been there: you’re on a winning exercise streak, making the time to work out and reaping the rewards of feeling fitter and stronger, when suddenly you hit a wall. Maybe a tight deadline means you miss a spinning class, or the flu temporarily floors you. Before you know it, you just can’t muster up the motivation to put on your formerly beloved running shoes. How do you get back into the swing of things after a bit of an exercise slump? Here are some tips to help you get out of your funk:

·                Remember your “why”

  • To stay motivated, you have to remember the reason why you exercise in the first place. Make sure this is a positive reason, not a negative one – shaming and guilting yourself into exercising because you think you’re overweight or unfit is never going to be sustainable. Instead, remember how clear-headed exercise makes you feel, how much it helps you process some of your heavier emotions, or how much you enjoy the company of the friends you’ve made.

·                Spice things up

  • Maybe you’re finding it hard to get into your routine again because, actually, your exercise routine was kind of boring. So, change it up. Swap out cycling for rock climbing, tennis for boxing, dancing for basketball. Try something that challenges your abilities and shocks your muscles. If you’ve been working out on your own at the gym, join your local squash club so that you have some company to spur you on.

·                Make exercise a priority

  1. As soon as exercise slips to the bottom of your list of priorities, it’s all too easy to keep it there. Suddenly everything else seems more important: work, time with friends and family, even the TV. But in order to truly be present in all of these things, you need to have a peaceful mind and a strong body. Your health and happiness depend on you exercising – so bump it back up the list.

·                Use the time you have

  • You don’t have to swim for an hour every time you go to the pool. Use the time you have available to you. A 15-minute or half-hour workout is better than none at all, and as long as your breathing is heavy, your heart rate is up and you’re breaking a sweat, you’re obtaining the benefits.

The most important thing to remember if you lose your exercise motivation for a while is not to give yourself a hard time about it. Take a look at why and how it happened, treat yourself with kindness, and do your best to put steps in place that will put you back on your exercise path. Start small, set achievable goals and be aware of your progress, however slight. Whatever you do, remember that a bit of time off doesn’t define you – believe that you can get back in the saddle.


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