How to Plan a Momcation (& why you need one)

Four tips to planning that perfect momcation, so you can take a break and return feeling rejuvenated, appreciated and brimming with love for your family.

A “momcation” I hear you say? What’s that?! If you’re a busy mother, you probably associate “holidays” with the same routine of locating lost shoes and preparing snacks – only with the added stress of an unfamiliar environment, and often overwhelmed children as a result. Never mind packing everybody’s else’s things and all the planning that goes with it… it’s highly likely that you return from family holidays with a lot of love in your heart, but not a lot of rest inside your body and your mind.

Enter the momcation. A holiday for moms, and only moms (unless you can find a carer for your children that isn’t your partner or husband, and then they can come too!). A momcation is a break for a weary mother, a chance for her to completely rest and recharge, away from the demands of her family. Sound good? Here’s how to plan one.

  1. Team up

Some people love solo travel, but for most of us, the idea of having at least one companion to share that sunset with certainly appeals. Chat to your partner first and get his or her buy-in, and then find another mum who desperately needs a break. What will your budgets allow: Ibiza or Irene? What time of year suits? Maybe you can chalk it up to a special birthday occasion, or perhaps a relative has a seaside house they don’t mind renting you for a steal? Pool your resources, find a fellow traveller and then start planning.

  1. Get organised

Are you the only one who knows the minutiae of your kiddies’ days? Write down that music lesson time and date, contact fellow school parents who can share lifts, buy the birthday gifts before the party you won’t be here for. Using a weekly planner that includes all contact information and times of extramurals is one way of getting all that information down in a central place. You can even go as far as planning meals ahead of schedule if your partner is not that strong in the kitchen. Most of all though, trust that your family will manage without you, and your absence will empower your partner and the kids to be more self-sufficient.

  1. Talk about your holiday and make it fun for them

Children don’t like being surprised with news of you going away, so start talking well in advance about your upcoming holiday with them, explaining why moms need a break too, and how long you’ll be gone. Mom of two Melissa Cumming brought small gifts for her kids to open each day while she was away, which she said made it a lot more fun for them. Blogger Belinda Mountain says her six-year-old always wants to know how many sleeps she’ll be away for, as he doesn’t yet have a proper grasp on the concept of time. “Knowing I’ll be gone for six sleeps helps him countdown and measure my absence, which seems to reassure him, rather than saying it in weeks or using the dates,” she says.

  1. Relax relax relax

This momcation is about escaping the rush from the school gates to extramurals to the grocery store to the dentist. While you may have a specific sightseeing list in mind while you’re away, focus on having as much free time as possible, as that’s where you really recharge. Take a long bath in the morning, enjoy afternoon naps, go for a run, read a novel by the pool or do anything else you simply don’t have time to during the average day at home.

Besides making you appreciate your children when you get back, being away from your family is an excellent way to show them how much you do for them. Prepare to return rejuvenated, appreciated and brimming with love for your littles ones and partner… sounds good to us.

Choosing the right medical aid is no joke, but we’ll leave you smiling.